The Architecture of high-Performance Organisations

‘The Architecture Of High-Performance Organisations’ is one of the first books of its kind to be published by a South African author.
The Book addresses: Corporate Recovery, Organisation Performance, High Performance Turnaround Strategy, Corporate Crises & Organisation Development.


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About The Author

Dr Pieter Bronkhorst

Dr Pieter Bronkhorst has studied an array of local and international corporate failures and turnarounds. He has been involved personally in a wide range of major successful corporate growth and re-engineering projects over the past 30 years.

In this book, he draws on a wide range of academic and scientific research in the field, offering the reader an overview of what other researchers have discovered. He also puts forward his own tried-and-tested theories of high performance, which managers can apply in their quest to transform the business operations under their control from ailing, lethargic, mediocre operations to high performing, benchmark-setting and competitor-beating operations.

The architect of a high performance company should be fully conversant with the typical causes and stages of corporate decline, the crises points in the life-cycle of organisational growth, how to build corporate capabilities, the major stages and intervention strategies towards high performance and finally, the characteristics of wealth creating societies. This book will equip the business leader with these core competencies.

This book is targeted at chief executive officers, chief operations officers and senior managers appointed to a business or business unit with the critical mission of:

  • transforming it into a high performance organisation
  • making it something special and refreshingly different
  • capitalising on weaknesses in the market
  • exploiting the industry value chain
  • outperforming competitor benchmarks.






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