Tales from my Stethoscope (2nd Edition)

A South African paramedic’s true stories of life on the road and in the emergency room. Entertaining. Touching. Shocking. With a dash of quirky humour.



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Bruna Dessena

Bruna Dessena

Bruna Dessena is an Advanced Life Support (A.L.S.) paramedic. Her work has taken her all over the world and exposed her to many interesting assignments and opportunities. The bulk of her career has seen her working in and around Johannesburg, known for it's high crime and busy hospital casualties. Bruna is an instructor in various aspects of emergency medicine.

In her off-time Bruna has worked as an anti-child abuse activist, volunteering as a counsellor for both Childline and the Teddy Bear Clinic. At the latter she was also a trainer and Senior Facilitator preparing children and parents for court. She presents lectures on child abuse to pre-hospital professionals such as paramedics, as well as med-school, nursing and social work students at various universities, colleges and hospitals in the Western Cape and Johannesburg.

In 2010 she released her first book, "Every Parent's Nightmare", a simple and practical guide for adults and parents dealing with child abuse. Her second book, "Tales from my Stethoscope" is a quirky and humorous compilation of stories about the calls she has attended to during the past two decades of her career.

(Second Edition)


Sit down and buckle up as you read these stories of the streets from a paramedic’s point of view.

In ‘Tales from my Stethoscope’, Bruna, an Advanced Life Support paramedic with more than 26 years’ experience, takes you behind the scenes of accidents, sudden illness, shootings and human revelry­ gone wrong. You’ll experience the fun and excitement­ of Johannesburg on a Saturday night … but you’ll also go to the lonely places where old ­people suffer in silence­ and children aren’t properly­ cared for.

You’ll read about running a clinic on a mine in deepest Africa and being­ the resident­ paramedic on a geo-survey ship plying the waters around the globe. You’ll fly helicopters over cities praying that the patient survives, and you’ll be there in the middle of farming country helping to amputate a leg caught in a harvester.

If you can stomach the drama, the blood, the grief, and the quirky humour used to get through harrowing situations, you’ll get to the end of these tales with a deeper understanding of the human condition and renewed admiration and gratitude for those who listen and act when we call out in distress.


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