SURFSKI with the Pros

This illustrated full colour book draws on the experience of Dawid and Nikki Mocke, and includes balancing on a surfski to harnessing the power and rhythm of the sea when paddling downwind. By Kevin Brunette


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About The Author

Kevin Brunette

Kevin Brunette is an engineer by profession and currently works as a specialist technical communicator and publisher. His technical understanding and analytical skills manifest themselves in the simplicity and clarity of his writing.

‘SURFSKI with the Pros’… contains the information that surfski paddlers at all levels can use to improve their skills and enhance their safety, helping you to progress from the moment you first put your ski onto the water to when you compete in a series of ocean racing events.

The book draws on the experience of Dawid and Nikki Mocke, who have both played a major role in the evolution of surfski around the globe, through competing in events at an elite level, and via the instruction and support they provide through their surfski school.

The content is broad and comprehensive, ranging from the basics of balancing on a ski to harnessing the power and rhythm of the sea when doing downwind. The content includes basics on the type of ski and paddle to use, and how to make way in varied conditions, as well as detail on the all-important safety issues.

It should have you feeling that you are competing against Dawid and Nikki, being coached by them, or just linking up with them on the water.


‘SURFSKI with the Pros’… has all the information that beginners need; but it has plenty of great tips for intermediate and advanced paddlers. And I love the presentation – it makes you feel that you’re travelling the journey with my two favourite people; Dawid and Nikki Mocke.” – Rob Mousley,


●    illustrated by Tom Schilperoort, images by Jean Tresfon
●    40 illustrations and 60 images, including sequences

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