Spirals of Love

We all want loving, healthy, happy and peaceful lives. ‘Spirals of Love’ shows that this is possible. A beautiful, inspiring, simple, self-help book for all.


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About The Author

Allison Slater

This beautiful little book is about wellness. It shows how much we can do to help ourselves to be really well by changing our awareness, and understanding our true nature. It makes us aware that we are both physical and energetic beings and that the energy which fills us is an energy of Love. We are beings of Love – this is our true nature.

‘Spirals of Love’ describes this energetic anatomy, describes how we are part of a greater flow of energy and describes how this energy is constantly feeding us as we draw it into our bodies. This energy is the force that gives us life and that sustains us until we die. We can choose to nurture this force so that it becomes a force that heals, rather than one that just sustains, and ‘Spirals of Love’ explains how simple, everyday things, like breathing, food, a happy heart and a still mind are part of the nurturing.

Energy becomes what we feel it to be. If we want, we can feel it to be Love. If we do this, we will change, because our thoughts will become more loving, our words kinder and our actions more caring. We will become the compassionate beings we are supposed to be. Compassion is powerful, because as we transform, we unconsciously send love and compassion out into the universe to help others do the same. This is wellness on every level of our being. This is wellness that inspires, uplifts, unites and heals. This is wellness that helps us dance through life, wellness that is within us all and wellness that will transform the world.

Allison Slater has worked as a Spiritual Healer for many years, and has seen the tremendous ability the body has to heal and how we transform, as we balance energetically.


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