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‘Sketch Your Year In Poetry’ will encourage writers to “always have a notebook and pen nearby” in order to capture that illusive inspiration.


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About The Author

Anne-Marie Moore

Anne-Marie Moore is above all a teacher. Her love for the written word, creativity and spirituality inspires her students to uncover their creative talents. She has taught as far as India and enjoys the excitement of travel and the fascination of interacting with people from various parts of the world.

Many of us were introduced to poetry as a child, where we enjoyed clapping and chanting Nursery Rhymes with parents, grandparents and at preschool. As we grew up school may well have interfered with our continued enjoyment of ‘the poem’. Fortunately it is easy enough to re-discover the excitement of the words and rhythms of poetry.

In this poetry collection, written over five years, the author suggests thought-provoking ideas to inspire the reader to sit and write a poem. Presented as a diary which can begin at any time during the year, thoughts and notes by Anne-Marie Moore inspire the reader to follow the creative process.



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