Secrets of a Woman’s Broken World

A book dedicated to women who have been survivors of rape, emotional and physical abuse, single parenting and failed marriages.

This book aims to inspire, help recreate self confidence and to break the silence for women that have been silent in abusive relationships. This book`s main aim is to heal women psychologically, emotionally and physically, and to inspire them to unite and take a stand against women and child abuse.


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About The Author

Nduduzo Gumede

Nduduzo Gumede has studied in a number of higher education institutions and obtains, a Law Diploma, Small Business Diploma, Project Management Certificate and Entrepreneurial Skills Certificate.

He is currently studying towards his Law Degree and Labour Relations Diploma. He has also been trained by the Nelson Mandela Foundation as a Facilitator, and is a board member of the St. Anthony's Children's Home, which is an orphanage home in Newcastle Kwazulu Natal

He participates in community outreach programs in the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS, donating clothes and food parcels to the needy.

He is the co-founder of St. Carter and his career as an author and motivational speaker is managed by St. Carter Management a division of St. Carter, along with other artists under the company.

This book was inspired by women who define the word strength. The stories in this book aim to teach and encourage women to break the silence of rape, emotional abuse, domestic violence, single parenting and failed marriages.

This book stands to show that they don’t have to be alone or bear misery any longer, it aims to inspire women to regain strength, build confidence, and to let them know that they are stronger than they thought, to let them know it’s time they broke away from what has held them back, and realize that they are the heart of nations and the vision behind every successful child.


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