Noble Intentions

Noble Intentions is a story about interventions; it’s about when to help and when to butt out, leaving problems that you can’t fix to the professionals.


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About The Author

Minenhle Mbuso Nene

Vuso Sithole is a modern family man who learns his lesson about when to bow out … the hard way. He has high hopes and ideals, a white-collared kind of guy, earning less than his wife; but, money aside, he aims to be the best husband and father he can be, and the best educator.

Being the ‘best teacher’ becomes a challenge, for the school at which he teaches is plagued by drug-dealers. And so his learners suffer.  He attempts to intervene, and to free his school form dealers and illegal substance abuse, but without fully knowing what he’s dealing with or getting himself into. The ominous underground network webs in on him, until he has to make a choice  – to feel or to think.



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