My Testimony

An exciting journey into the unknown leading to unimaginable experiences and discoveries.


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Jeffrey Knipe

My aim is not to offend people of different religions and nationalities, but to let the truth speak for itself. In the past, South Africa’s racist rulers told us that God does not endorse the mixing of different races, basing their argument on specific passages of the Bible. This led to the government passing apartheid into law. According to this assertion, I could not expect to receive God’s blessing on account of my being of mixed race.To be on the safe side, I obeyed these new, racist laws and avoided the confrontations of the various religious groups and reckless people, as I found it all too fanatical, misanthropic and pointless.

These frustrating circumstances prompted me to leave my homeland, with no money and no real destination, start out on my quest to find the meaning of life. One day, I nearly drowned in the ocean, but God miraculously granted me another chance to carry on living. From that point on, I began discovering my life’s purpose, step by step, through the subsequent revealing of further facts.This unique Knowledge bestowed by God, is of paramount importance to me. Until now, it has been nowhere to read, and so I decided to write it down in this book. Not all people agree with it. Those who understand the message, it’s not only a joy, but also a Blessing.


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