MIND Your Spiritual Journey

A must-have book for the person seeking the Spiritual path.


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About The Author

Danie van Staden

As a person who has been on the true Spiritual path for many years in his life, Danie uses the opportunity in this book to apply all his knowledge and personal experiences on the Spiritual path to discuss the workings of the incredible Divinely created human mind as it travels along the journey of the Spiritual being while having a human experience in the school of hard knocks, called life.

Danie approaches the subject in a very open and honest way and gives clear and simple explanations and revelations on topics like Karma, reincarnation, the lower Self or ego, the higher Self or Sol and many other fascinating subjects. In his words he says that he wants to give people who are beginning to realise that there must be more about the so called hidden secrets of God’s manifestation. He knows that this book will be challenged and criticised by many people, but he also knows that those who are ready for this kind of information will find an affinity with it. He provides his postal address in the book for those who would like to exchange ideas with him or who would like to learn more from him.



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