Mental Toughness – Mastering Your Mind

Assuming mental toughness will help you improve your performance; world champion sportsman, performance coach and author, Dr Steve Harris, proposes a range of components that you could use to develop your mental toughness literacy, help you move in the direction of your dreams and, when necessary, punch above your weight. He reveals the secrets behind the ‘competitive edge’ and how you can gain it by implementing the strategies in this book and developing your mental toughness.


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Dr. Steve Harris

Dr. Steve Harris

Dr Steve Harris, holder of a PhD and MBA, lives in Cape Town. He is a successful business man, conference speaker, academic, and CEO of eta College specializing in sport and exercise science qualifications. Steve served as the former mind coach and team manager for South Africa's national Springbok rugby team. He is the winner of Anglo American Corporation's national "Building a Business" contest for entrepreneurs and holds the title of former world champion in surf lifesaving. He is the author of "Mental Toughness: Mastering your Mind". This is his first novel.

“This second edition of Steve’s book attests to my appreciation of Steve’s knowledge and skills in this important aspect of sport and of life performance. I encourage anyone who is interested in self-improvement to read this book, I loved it.”
– Chester Williams, Springbok Rugby Player

Research indicates that mental toughness can provide you with a unique and sustainable competitive advantage. This is complemented by the fact that neuropsychologists claim that being instinctively competitive is one of our survival mechanisms. However, this instinct alone doesn’t give us a unique and sustainable benefit in this modern era. Dr Steve Harris’s mental toughness model will expose you to an approach that will give you an upper hand; it combines with instinctive competitiveness, working in harmony with a competitive advantage that you already possess, enhancing it even further.

Assuming mental toughness is an area that will help you improve your performance, he is proposing a range of components that you could use to develop your mental toughness literacy, help you move in the direction of your dreams and, when necessary, punch above your weight. In many instances you will find that you know something or even a great deal about the components he is suggesting. However, despite this knowledge, you may not be doing enough with it. That is why he calls his book Mental Toughness – Mastering Your Mind, because it’s not enough that you know it – you need to convince your mind that you must do it as well. This book will help you achieve just that!



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