Marketing Planning for Auto Retailers

‘Marketing Planning for Auto Retailers’ is a highly informative, practical, down to earth 180 page book aimed at helping vehicle Sales Managers (and Dealer Principals) with their marketing plans.


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Des Bramwell

I wrote this book because many Sales Managers and Dealer Principals I have known often struggled to put meaningful marketing plans to paper. It is true that marketing textbooks tend to be too “academic” and not relevant to typical car dealerships, especially those that don’t enjoy the luxury of a “Marketing Department”.

This book is in comic book format because I know that most dealer people don’t have much time to wade through thick, jargon-laden textbooks. This is an easy to follow one-hour read, and is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced Sales Managers, Dealer Principals and all “students of the game” that aim high.

The book has a full colour cover with B&W images and is divided into 4 sections:
– Introduction to marketing planning (What it is, it’s role, and why it is so important-25 pages)
– The spadework (Tips on things to do and think about before starting a marketing plan-75 pages)
– Essentials of great marketing plans (Tips on components that should always be included-56 pages)
– Marketing plan layout (The main headings and recommended contents-16 pages)

To view the first 20 pages of Marketing Planning for Auto Retailers and to find out a little more about Des, visit his website




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