MADIBA, the Moses of South Africa

Madiba, the Moses of South Africa is a leadership book which articulates an unusual relationship between politics and faith. The book was inspired by the history of two prominent leaders who changed the history of their nations, Moses from the Bible and Nelson Mandela affectionately known as Madiba.


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Martha Monaise

Martha Monaise is a South African writer, a teacher of the word of God and she is currently serving her nation as a government official.

Pertaining to Madiba’s political, social and economic contributions, he has been seen from two dimensions, how South Africa and the rest of the world view Madiba but this book reveals the third dimension, ‘how Christianity view Madiba’. A study was conducted and several common aspects of the candidate’s history were found to be identical. This book holds valuable lessons for leaders who wish to bring a profound change in their ministries. It has 27 chapters representing the years Madiba spent in prison.


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