Journey To Your Soulmate

Love is a journey, take a chance. The aim of this book is to uplift a broken soul and someone who has lost hope and given up on their journey to find love. This book shows how one must push on through all the ups and downs because if you never try to find love, you will not know or get an idea of the role that love plays in who you were and who you are now.


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About The Author

Siviwe Honobroke Mashiyi

The book has 13 chapters. These include topics covering how to approach a woman in various settings and situations like clubs, malls and parties to name but a few. Like the author says, “There is no one foolproof method of approaching a lady in any given situation; you just have to find something that will work for you.”

The author also writes a little about his personal love life, sharing his experience of a long distance relationship and explaining how love and the ladies he met on his journey have shaped the way he now looks at love.

The book is also filled with advice and tips on your journey to your soul mate including places to go on a date and suggested gifts for your date. Other subjects in this book are: relationships that will never work; opinions and thoughts on cheating/abuse and being unappreciated. It even includes an interesting questionnaire filled in by a sample of women, some love poems and some ideas to catch a lady’s eye.



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