In the Pursuit of Solitude

Travel Africa with ‘In the pursuit of solitude’, a journey about nature and human nature by Adam Cruise.

This book is more than travel as escape; it’s a personal quest in search of a solution to the eternal conflict between humanity and the environment. In a philosophical, anecdotal and sometimes witty approach Adam’s curiosity and observations both reveal the compelling qualities of nature as well as unveiling the devastating effects of humanity – both African and Western – on even the most secluded places.


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About The Author

Adam Cruise

“I am a flight animal, like a horse, so my response was to run away from the evil. I wanted to leave mass humanity, the city, and civilization. I wanted to remove myself from other people and immerse myself in the seclusion of nature. I wanted peace of mind.
I wanted solitude”.

Adam Cruise, disillusioned with his urban lifestyle, persuades his wife Amanda to abandon their business, home and three cats in Cape Town for a six-month journey into the remote interior of southern Africa. Their trip, in an expedition-prepared 4×4 but without any pre-planned idea other than to avoid civilization as much as possible, weaves through the remote recesses of the sub-continent in search of a true wilderness experience where real nature is untrammelled by human activity. Among lions, elephants and other African wildlife the couple find a harmonious and balanced world but one that is under a constant threat from the ravages of human advancement and mistreatment.




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