Hotspot Pourri

A British South African thriller by ned sturgeon.


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About The Author

Ned Sturgeon

In the 1960s during the cold war, Russia controlled a communist network in Britain whose activities included manufacturing lipstick moulding machines which could be modified to produce ammunition for AK47 rifles and selling these among others to African countries bordering South Africa. The cell operated clandestinely within a respectable public company group listed on the London Stock Exchange. An adventurous South African Management Accountant consulting for the group sorting out problem companies stumbles by chance on unusual activities and follows these up forensically. He uncovers information which endangers him and others linked to him. This leads to attempts on his life and a spate of murders follow.

New Scotland Yard are led to believe that the many murders that had taken place could be pinned on the Management Accountant and a massive manhunt is mounted to find him. As events unfold the fraudulent way in which the public company was originally set up becomes evident. What follows is an abundance of suspense and excitement woven into an unusual and fast moving plot culminating in the involvement of MI5, South African Defence Force Intelligence, New Scotland Yard and the Russian KGB until the climax at the end.


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