Gabriel’s Apology – Ex President Needs Work, Food, Money

In his twilight years GABRIEL KUTAMA has lost everything. Once an important man, now he’s just another faceless soul from across the border in search of a better life. But isn’t the better life exactly what he has left behind?
Part of him yearns to recover what he has lost and to reclaim his place in the world. If only he could come to terms with poverty, blackmail and xenophobia he might just find renewed purpose – and in the process discover aspects of his truest self.

A provocative novel of identity, loss, hope, tolerance and redemption from an exciting new author.


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Porcupine Press

About The Author

Andrew Herold

Gabriel Kutama, an elderly illegal from across the border, is mugged at a Soweto taxi rank. He ends up at the house of Portia, a single mother who tends to his bruises. She allows him to stay on in a room at the back of her house. But Gabriel is no ordinary man, for he is the former President of the country north of the South African border, presumed dead after a military coup. His wife has fled to London with their three children. He contemplates suicide, but then to his amazement discovers that his life still has purpose.

His journey to find his true self will include adult literacy, gardening and begging while he tries to come to terms with homosexuality, blackmail, bigamy, crazy white people, xenophobia and poverty, biding his time until he can take up his rightful place in the world once again.



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