Fundamentals of Security Vetting in Democratic South Africa

‘Fundamentals of Security Vetting in a Democratic South Africa’ is one of the few informative books on this topic to be published since South Africa became a constitutional democracy. The book is designed for the public and private sectors and will be particularly useful to managers, security or vetting practitioners; HR practitioners; trade unions; students any other persons interested in the subject of vetting.


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Buyile D. Mdluli

The author deals comprehensively with the topic of security vetting, discussing the meaning of security vetting; background screening or pre-employment screening; categories of persons that can be vetted; the rationale for security vetting; how security vetting can be used as a risk management tool to address corruption and fraud; the legal mandate of security vetting; the guidelines for granting or denying a security clearance; the security vetting process; the need for a central vetting database.

The question of the constitutionality of security vetting is looked at in great detail. The author also touches on the international perspective of vetting. Vetting in the private sector – like the banking, insurance, hospitality, and private security industries – is discussed, as are topics such as the benefits of vetting, the importance of employee integrity and vetting of service providers and outsourced staff. Most importantly, this book is aimed at raising awareness about security vetting, emphasising that all institutions should embark on the vetting of employees and service providers with due regard for the fundamental rights of all persons, South African laws and the Constitution. In other words, the vetting practices should reflect that South Africa is indeed a constitutional democracy. The author also uses case studies, in order to illustrate practical, topical and significant issues in South Africa and abroad and their interconnection with the field of security vetting.



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