From Fear to Faith: An Inspiring Journey

From Fear to Faith is an inspiring story and teaches as much as it entertains. Light hearted moments dispersed with simple truths make it a must read for anyone who aims to minimise the fears in their lives which prevent them from being who they were born to be.


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Christopher Rory Page

Christopher consults with people both on a corporate and a personal level to develop their potential. He is an Author, Speaker and Personal Development Consultant who conducts motivational talks and workshops both nationally and internationally.

His first book "Life in your hands" was published in 2008. Chris lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Two bodies, two souls and an inspiring four way conversation between two contrasting mortals as they journey through the African bush and discover the way From Fear to Faith.

The author awakens one morning riddled with fear from a deafening noise outside his bungalow window. This is the beginning of an exploration into the self as he meets a primitive man who proves that there is more to someone than meets the eye. A non-verbal form of communication develops between them as the two men dissect the concept of fear based on age-old theories and beliefs.

The reader is introduced to the Ukuesaba Isitebhisa which translated means Fear Ladder. This shows the progression of fear from the most superficial to the most concrete. The common denominator to minimise the fear on all levels is to instil faith in various forms.


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