Flight Of The Moth

Finding himself at a crossroads in his life, Edwin Jackson decides to embark on an extraordinary journey around the world, one which will lead him to India, Pakistan, China, and Tibet, across the USA to Mexico and on to Guatemala, Venezuela and Brazil.

‘Flight Of The Moth’ will appeal to readers with an interest in how to approach having Parkinson’s disease, as well as any other degenerative disease. It will also appeal to lovers of non-fiction, autobiographical novels and individuals interested in travel.


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Edwin Jackson 2009

About The Author

Edwin Jackson

‘Flight Of The Moth’ is an autobiographical novel on the author, Edwin Jackson’s life. Since he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease eight years ago at the age of fifty one, he soon set off on a journey around the world in a bid to come to grips with what the disease was all about, and what it meant to him as a person. In the process he was also determined to do what he liked doing best – exploring remote cultures in parts of the world that he had not yet visited.

‘Flight Of The Moth’ is about this journey as well as a reflection through flashbacks to the past of how the author reconciled his role as a farmer and hunter on his farm Omdraaisvlei, in the Karoo, with his interest in Tibetan Buddhism.

The book is neither a travelogue nor primarily an account of someone living with a progressive disease, the book rather is a novel based on a part of the author’s life and is an attempt to bring all the threads of his story together towards a conclusion, reconciliation and an understanding of the purpose of his existence.



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