Excellence. Or Nothing.

Stories, motivation and encouragement to remind us of the importance of striving for excellence – in daily life situations, at our places of work, and in everything we do.


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Ronald Muringai

Ronald Muringai

RONALD MURINGAI is an inspirational speaker, events MC & voice over artist. His current line of work revolves around promoting the implementation of transformation initiatives within procurement. To this end, he has travelled extensively across Africa talking to professionals, highlighting procurement fraud and advocating for the eradication of the same. Ronald has been a professional MC for over 3 years now, speaks 6 languages and does movie reviews. His writing style, much like him, is entertaining and poignant, helping to keep readers engaged while motivating them to chase after their dreams with excellence.

Do you have what it takes to live a life of EXCELLENCE?
Of course yes! Excellence is about doing your very best and each of us has been created excellently to live excellently. There will be thorns, thistles and rocks along your path, but constant reminders of our ability to excel will prod us along and provide the required boost to be and do better!
This book is about reminding us of the importance of striving for excellence, in daily life situations and at our places of work. Nurturing a culture of excellence internally first and allowing that to become a mindset, opens the path to success for yourself, those around you, your organizations and nations at large


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