Drag 17

“Drag 17 isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, it leans more towards coffee. It’s not about coffee, you understand, it’s more about gravity.

That’s not to say it’s a heavy book. On the contrary. It’s a comic, a text-only comic, admittedly, but a comic nonetheless. Drag 17 is pictures in words, a graphic novel if you like, set in and under the stars…”


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Frank Bone Industries

About The Author

Huw Edwards

Back cover BLURB:

The ‘bubble’ …

Is a gigantic sheet of liquid CO2 encased in an oil-based membrane. It’s been resting on the Atlantic floor but, as verified by the Blackfoot Report, a mathematical environmental analysis, it’s rising, slowly but surely. In four years it will surface, breaking as it comes. It’s going to explode into the atmosphere and trigger runaway greenhouse effect … Meltdown.

In the already carbon-saturated ocean, all attempts at mitigation have proven unviable. There is no stopping the bubble.

A world on the brink of extinction has turned to the Reclamations – underground radiation shelters being excavated by the all-powerful Corporation. But these are a stay of execution at best.

The only lasting hope is Jack, Phoebe, and Dimor Falsek. They don’t think about the bubble much. Dimor thinks about faster bullets. Phoebe thinks about Jack … and Jack thinks about The Owl.



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