A Rural Boy’s Tale of Progress – Life Lessons from my Parents

A moving, thought provoking self-help guide full of fundamental tips for enhanced personal growth, ‘A Rural Boy’s Tale of Progress – Life Lessons from My Parents’ is a go-to primer for anyone interested in searching out the roots of happiness and success.


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Khwezi V. Tiya

Growing up the son of self-employed rural traders in a small village in the Pondoland district of Libode, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, Khwezi V. Tiya lived his youth in apartheid South Africa without electricity, modern sanitation, or color television. He helped his father tend to the flock, took care of his responsibilities to house and home, and learned the lessons his parents taught him. He was not considered an exceptional person by any stretch of the imagination. This ordinary young boy from the grazing lands of the Eastern Cape, however, would go on to accomplish what many perceive as quite extraordinary. Khwezi’s parents provided a well-balanced environment full of lessons and knowledge that prepared him for the rest of his life. And while not wealthy, they were able to supply their son with the opportunities he needed—Khwezi provided the rest. Going on to develop his career to senior levels of management and to study and work internationally, the author now reflects on the different ways lessons are experienced, assimilated, and used to build a life of success and fulfillment.

A deeply moving exploration of the profound effect his parents had on his life, Khwezi’s inspiring tale of progress as told through biographical lessons provides insight on how simplicity can indeed be the breeding ground of a remarkable life journey. A mentor to many, he uses the truths he gleaned during his youth to both pay tribute to his parents and to motivate other parents to inspire their own children, and for the youth to realize their dreams.


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