Multi-award winner in business shares his knowledge in Mastering Entrepreneurship


Many of us dream of starting our own business and being our own boss, but where does one start? A sensible first step is to listen to the advice of seasoned entrepreneurs who are familiar with the journey and the pitfalls that can be found along the way. Ismail Hassen, a multi-award winner in business hailing from Port Elizabeth, has just released a handbook for budding entrepreneurs, sharing his knowledge, tips, and practical solutions for building a sustainable business in South Africa.

Starting from the very beginning of the entrepreneur’s journey (chapter one aptly titled ‘It all starts with a dream’), this quick-start guide covers all essential aspects of running a business – from securing funding, to marketing yourself, managing cashflow, and surviving tough financial times. Written in a very accessible and to-the-point manner, this book is perfectly suited to those embarking on their entrepreneurial ventures, as the jargon and lingo are used sparingly and explained well for those not familiar with the world of business.

Mastering Entrepreneurship: The South African Perspective draws from Ismail’s years of running successful ventures in the fields of engineering, IT, construction, business consulting and enterprise development. Among the awards he has won are the Transnet/SABS Moving Ideas Award, the industry sector Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises Award from the South Africa Growth Institute, as well as the SMME of the Year Award from the same institute. He has taken his innovative ideas to the small screen, too, having won a pledged investment of R10 million on the Rise Msanzi reality show, and a pledged investment of R5 million from Dragon’s Den South Africa. With credentials like these, aspiring entrepreneurs can rest assured that the advice Ismail offers comes from a very qualified source, and his guidance may just be the difference between being the next big thing in your industry or being yet another entrepreneur just struggling to survive.

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