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The information in this guide has been accumulated, formulated and compiled over decades of working in industry and education. Mr. Joelson’s experience in the industrial sector as a toolmaker and draftsman provided the foundation for his lecturing post at Durban Technical College and then the University of Natal (now the University of KwaZulu-Natal), where it became apparent that this book would be designed to address the necessary drawing requirements in engineering.

His passion was to simplify the drawing experience; to guide students both in tertiary institutions & industry; fulfilling the main purpose in education, namely, to proceed from the known to the unknown, encouraging students with the old adage “practice makes perfect”. The book logically starts with Drawing Standards and Conventions (ISO), and summarises all the possible specifications that students may use, by examples; illustrating each application separately.

Computer Aided Design and Drafting over the years in Architectural, Surveying, Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Agricultural & Mechanical Engineering environments has indeed been instrumental in educating students, and Mr Joelson was privileged to be part of enriching and empowering hundreds, if not thousands of engineering students by means of CADD and his extensive experience in engineering drawing and design. This successful combination has culminated in the publication of the “ENGINEERING DRAWING GUIDE for Students and Professional Engineers”, making the transition from drawing board to computer aided drawing effortless.