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Sue Nyathi was born, bred and educated in Bulawayo. She has always been an avid writer, and her creativity began to show at the age of 10 when she would cut out pictures from magazines and write little excerpts about the men and women in the pictures. Her interest in writing was further nurtured throughout high school, where she wrote a lot of poetry, for which she won many accolades.

After school, Sue pursued a degree in Finance and later completed a Masters Degree in Finance. Presently, Sue works for a stockbroking firm as a Research Analyst. While her career in finance entails a lot of analytical work and writing that is only technical in nature, she tries to not let this stifle her creativity.

Sue’s debut novel, the Polygamist, was published in 2012. The Gold Diggers (2018) is her second offering, and has recently been released by Pan Macmillan. She is looking forward to writing her 3rd book, titled “The Gold Rush.”