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Ismail Hassen is a multiple-award winning South African business man who taught himself to master the art of entrepreneurship. Growing up in a northern area of Port Elizabeth, he took on temporary work after school where he assisted his parents. From humble beginnings, he has gone on to run many successful business ventures in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, agriculture, IT, construction, business consulting and enterprise development. Today, he is co-CE0 of HH Technologies, a turnkey solution company focusing on the civil, mechanical and business investment sector.

Ismail, who is 37 years old, has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a masters’ degree in business administration. He is no stranger to the spot-light, having won several business awards including the Transnet/SABS Moving Ideas, the industry sector Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMME) Award from the Africa Growth Institute, along with that body’s SMME of the Year award. He has also won several high-profile business competitions, including Rise Mzanzi reality entrepreneurial show for the pledge of a R10 million investment, and Dragons’ Den SA, where he won a pledged investment of R5 million. With his experience in navigating the local regulatory frame work, Ismail has also been instrumental in helping international businesses entering South Africa to implement the correct procedures for government policy and best business principles.

Ismail is an internationally-recognised inspirational role model who focuses on providing aspiring entrepreneurs who have started a business, or who are planning to start a business, with the skills, opportunities and inspiration they need to succeed. Through his work, he is actively involved with helping young entrepreneurs grow and develop, and mentors several emerging SMMEs.