Bob de la Motte wins an Old Mutual Spirit of Comrades Award


Quickfox Publishing author Bob de la Motte was one of three recipients to win the Old Mutual Spirit of Comrades Award held on Saturday 13th October 2018 in Durban.

Matshelane Mamabolo, Sports Editor for Independent Newspapers, Gauteng, writes: “De La Motte’s name will immediately ring a bell given his illustrious history in the Ultimate Human Race. His battles with Bruce Fordyce are legendary, De La Motte having finished runner-up three times to the Comrades King.

The man who has since left the country to go and live in Australia was last night lauded for his book “Runaway Comrade”, which highlights the difficulties that runners of colour faced due to the inequality in opportunities for professional training, support and financing that occurred as a result of Apartheid.

To try to assist these iconic runners from the 1980s, Bob has made donations including the proceeds of his book sales to trusts which will benefit them in their retirement.”

De la Motte himself says, “Many of these trail-blazing black distance runners from the Apartheid era have simply disappeared, their triumphs ignored and possibly forgotten by those who should be keeping their memory alive and honouring them.”

Other recipients of the Spirit of Comrades Award were Bruce Hargreaves and Danie de Wet. Bob, Bruce, and Danie are featured in the image above from left to right.

Purchase your copy of Runaway Comrade today. All proceeds are donated to the Runaway Comrades Trust for retired African runners.

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