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Mother’s Day Special Offer

Mother's Day Special Offer

A FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE THIS MOTHER’S DAY! With Mother’s Day this Sunday, its the month to show our mom just how much we love her. We have a fantastic gift offer, especially for mom (or yourself) to celebrate! Purchase any one of the these titles, and get 1 of our selected titles FREE! The offer runs through next week too, because mom deserves more than just one day a year... GIFT IDEAS: Purposeful Parenting by: Jaci Muc-gavin - R145 Forgiveness - The Gift Of Love To Yourself by: Nicolette Lodge - R285 The Contract with Yourself by:...

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Bob de la Motte wins an Old Mutual Spirit of Comrades Award


Quickfox Publishing author Bob de la Motte was one of three recipients to win the Old Mutual Spirit of Comrades Award held on Saturday 13th October 2018 in Durban. Matshelane Mamabolo, Sports Editor for Independent Newspapers, Gauteng, writes: "De La Motte's name will immediately ring a bell given his illustrious history in the Ultimate Human Race. His battles with Bruce Fordyce are legendary, De La Motte having finished runner-up three times to the Comrades King. The man who has since left the country to go and live in Australia was last night lauded for his book "Runaway Comrade", which highlights the...

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Distribution vs marketing and the author’s role in driving sales


Many authors assume that when a book is uploaded for sale in an online store, the book starts selling on its own. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As a self-published author, you are responsible for some of the functions that would normally be handled by a traditional publisher, one of which is marketing. Once in the store, it is up to you to let potential customers know about the book and to drive the book’s sales. Think of your book as a product. Now, think of other products in the market. When you walk into a supermarket you...

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Book awards: Can they boost your bottom line?


One of the best ways to gain recognition and credibility as an author – and possibly one of the most underutilised marketing tools – is by winning a book award. Book buyers, the media and the book trade are more willing to support and push award-winning authors. Easier said than done. Many competitions have an entry fee, so authors need to choose their competitions carefully, unless they have a lot of money to blow. And to win an award, you actually have to WIN – which means beating a bunch of other people with the same hopes and dreams –...

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Boost sales with discount coupon codes


Everybody likes getting a good deal and book buyers are no different. If your sales have been dwindling, consider offering a promotional discount of 15%–20% off the normal price – or even more if you can afford it. Online promotional discounts are usually activated through the use of “coupon codes”. Very simply, a coupon code is a code that a seller gives to a buyer that the buyer can use when checking out of an online store, just before making payment. When the buyer inserts the code, the discount is deducted. Discount coupons are a great way to reconnect with...

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The importance of quality


Building customer trust As an indie bookstore, prides itself on empowering all self-published authors by offering them an easy platform through which to sell their work and by eliminating the hoop-jumping so typical of the distribution chain. We are equally committed to building customer trust by protecting book buyers against poor quality products. So how do we do this? How do we make it easy for authors to sell and safe for customers to buy? Simple. We’ve introduced a quality rating system to guide customers in their book-buying choices. If a title in our store features the “Quality Assured”...

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You have a book, so start making money


As a self-published author, you’ve no doubt experienced how difficult it is to get your book into bookstores and the mainstream distribution chain. You are probably also lamenting the measly 30% of retail that you’re earning on sales. That’s right – just 30%! If you invested in professional production and printing, it’s unlikely you’re making any money going the bookstore route unless you printed a few thousand copies. And authors who opted for short-run digital printing are probably barely covering their printing costs, let alone their production expenses. If you can relate to this scenario, you’re not alone – it’s...

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Our book quality rating system


What makes different? As an indie bookstore, we pride ourselves on empowering all local, self-published authors by offering them a platform through which to sell their work. However, we want to protect our customers from the disappointment of buying a book from our store, only to find that its quality is poor. To combat this, we’ve introduced a quality rating system to guide you in your book-buying choices. If one of our titles has received our “Quality Assured” stamp of approval, you can rest assured that it has been vetted by our team and meets trade publishing standards. How...

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