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Selling books


THREE important questions you should be asking yourself ...


  1. Can my book be ordered online?
  2. Is my sales and distribution process seamless and effortless?
  3. Am I making enough on the sale of each book?


Going the traditional sales and distribution route is a costly, uphill battle for most small publishers, which is why we decided to create a different kind of system – a system better suited to smaller-scale publishing in terms of profitability and ease of use. As long as you're out there marketing and promoting your book, we're ensuring that the sale can take place and that you earn more than you would anywhere else.

We also assist with ebook conversions to help you widen your sales net and secure more customers.


What does offer me?

  • Earn 70% of the retail price on all sales...

  • Warehouse up to 5 of your products for FREE...

  • No time wasted managing couriers or standing in post office queues...

  • Sales statements when books are sold...

  • Payment in local currency, directly into your bank account...

  • Quick and easy registration...

  • An optional ISBN, barcode, printing and ebook conversion service at your fingertips...
  • The platform to sell your products locally and internationally...

  • Convenient and safe payment options for your customers...
  • Automatic membership to the Publisher Club...


What kinds of products can I list?

  • all printed books
  • ebooks (all formats)
  • audio books on CD or DVD
  • music on CD or DVD
  • board games
  • card decks
  • educational and training resources
  • screenplays and scripts
  • sheet music


How much money can I make?

When your product sells, you earn 70% of the retail price. This is an awesome return when compared to other online or bricks-and-mortar stores. In fact, with such great returns on the sale of each book and local payment in ZAR directly into your bank account, it pays you to promote as your retailer of choice.


How does the service work?

You send us 5 or 30 copies of your book, depending on service chosen (see below). We load your book up onto the Publisher website using one of our two listing services: Basic Listing or Full Listing. You are also loaded up as a Supplier on our bookkeeping system.

When we receive an order through the site, we package and deliver the parcel to the customer, doing whatever following up is necessary to ensure safe receipt. We also advise you when stock levels are low so that you can replenish your stock.


How do I list my book?

First, you need to choose whether you want a Basic Listing or Full Listing.

Basic Listing:


  • R250 once-off administration and loading fee
  • Warehousing of up to 5 books FREE
  • Replenish stock when needed


  • R250 once-off administration and loading fee

NOTE: If you are listing a physical product AND a downloadable version of the same product, only ONE administration and loading fee or R250 is applicable.

Full Listing:


  • R250 once-off administration and loading fee
  • Warehouse of up to 30 books on our premises
  • Warehousing options: R240 for 6 months OR R400 per year
  • Replenish stock when needed





When do I receive my money?

Royalties are paid every two months (one sales cycle). We transfer your money into your account within the first 14 days after the end of each sales cycle.


Is there a way to track my sales?

We provide a Supplier Statement when payments are made. Your statement will detail the sales made for that sales period. If you have any queries regarding your sales, you can email our office or give us a call and request a sales summary. Requested sales summaries are generally supplied within 5 working days, or slightly longer if the request is made during peak business periods; our consultants will confirm the lead time when you call.


Am I limited to selling only through

Absolutely not! You can list your book in as many online and physical bookstores as you wish. It would serve you, however, to direct as many sales through the store as possible because this is where you will make the most money!


Can I list in the store if my book has been published in South Africa but I live outside the country?

Yes you can, PROVIDED you have a bank account in South Africa. At this point in time, we regretfully do not make payments to non-South African bank account holders as all payments are made using EFT.


Does offer bulk warehousing?

Yes, we can warehouse more than the 30 products mentioned in our Full Listing service. A quote can be provided on request. We also offer a bulk distribution service for authors who need multiple consignments sent to different addresses. 


What ebook formats are most popular?

The most versatile ebook format is ePub. ePub ebooks can be read on a large variety devices, such as PDAs, tablets, dedicated ebook readers, iPads, and laptop or desktop computers (using ebook reading software). ePub formats are sold in all major online stores (Apple's iBookstore, Sony Reader Store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Diesel, etc) except Amazon.

Kindle format (.mobi or .azw) is the format distributed by Amazon and is read only on Kindle readers or using the Kindle app (available for all computers and tablets and can be downloaded from Amazon).

PDF format can be read on any laptop, computer, tablet device, iPad, or latest generation Kindle reader. PDF format is a preferred format if precise content formatting and presentation is required. It's also a good format for customers who don't have eReaders, iPads or tablet devices, or in instances where the book may need to be printed out, such as workbooks and manuals.


Is there DRM on the site?

We do not have DRM structures in place - in fact, the issue around DRM protection is a contentious one and viewed by many as being anti-customer. DRM can be removed with a little know-how, so blocking a customer from sharing a book across multiple devices that he or she owns ends up being an inconvenience rather than a deterrent.

From current research, it seems that DRM provides far more hassle and irritation for honest book-buying customers than benefits for publishers.

For more interesting discussions around DRM, read these articles: The Guardian, Digital Digest, Learn Out Loud, Tor (one of the first major publishers to drop DRM), Simon Fraser University.


I'm interested. How do I list my products?

Complete the Book Listing Application Form below and email or fax it back to us. You are welcome to email us your short and long descriptions instead of writing them in on the form. Feel free to include reviews (must be typed out and submitted either in your email or in an attached word or excel document) and other relevant promotional information.


Book Listing Application Form Word format 

Book Listing Application Form PDF format


What must I send to

To list your products, we need the following:

  • Completed listing form
  • Proof of payment
  • Images of your product or book cover in either .jpg, .tiff, .eps or pdf format
  • The electronic files if your product is downloadable
  • Products for warehousing if you are listing a physical product

Delivery address for physical products:

Quickfox Publishing, Office G4, WBHO House, 9 Logan Way, Pinelands 7405, Western Cape

Email address for all other electronic documentation and product files:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Customer contact number: 0861 234 256 or 021 531 1913



DO YOU HAVE A QUERY? CALL 0861 234 256


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