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Are you seeking self-publishing assistance? We've provided a list of self-publishing services and companies that offer a range of different solutions, from free 'do-it-yourself' and low to mid-budget package publishing to high-end professional custom publishing. Approximate publishing costs have been included.

We advise that you investigate each platform thoroughly before committing yourself, as they all have pros and cons (book a Publishing Consultation if you want to know what they are or need help deciding).

Find out more about Publishing Consultations.

Note: None of the free or package options are suited to local bookstore distribution due to the higher print costs. It is best to use a custom publishing solution.

No budget to low-budget solutions

Publishing on CreateSpace is FREE. Format your Word doc and upload it (formatting guidelines are provided on their site) or use their book formatting service for a fee. eBook conversion and distribution is also available.

CreateSpace distributes through various channels, including Amazon.

Has your manuscript been edited? Request a quote.

Need assitance generating a CreateSpace compatible print-ready cover for just R1250 incl. VAT? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


lulu logo retinaPublishing on Lulu is FREE. Format your Word doc and upload it (formatting guidelines are provided on their site) or use their book formatting service for a fee. eBook conversion and distribution is also available. Lulu offers marketing and publicity assistance, at a price.

Lulu distributes through various channels, including Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo books.

Has your manuscript been edited? Request a quote.

Need assitance generating a Lulu compatible print-ready cover for just R1250 incl. VAT? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


pasa logoAn alternative to self-publishing that will not cost you anything is royalty-based publishing (a traditional publisher pays the full costs of production and markets your book, and you earn a royalty on sales made). Visit the Publishers' Association of South Africa website, click on the Members tab to access the directory of South African publishers, select the publishers that specialise in your genre, then visit their websites for their manuscript submission guidelines.

This solution is best suited to authors who have a good, well-written book with market appeal but lack the entrepreneurial spirit or time required to promote and sell their books and/or the financial resources for production and marketing. Unless you're an experienced writer or previously-published author, we strongly suggest that you have your manuscript professionally edited before you approach a royalty-based publisher. 

Has your manuscript been edited? Request a quote.


Developmental publishing assistance 


NLSA Logo updatedThe Centre for the Book is an outreach unit of the National Library of South Africa. Its mission is to promote a culture of reading, writing and publishing in local languages and easy access to books for all.

From time to time the Centre for the Book, through the Community Publishing Programme, conducts capacity building workshops for budding writers. Creative writing, editing, manuscript development, book marketing and other relevant workshops are held throughout the country to empower and equip young writers with the relevant skills to hone their talent. Writers are equipped to produce publishable material and encouraged to write and publish in their home languages.

Through the Community Publishing Grant, small grants are offered once a year to individual writers and writers’ groups seeking to publish their own works.

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Mid-budget package publishing solution


Parlogo 022916Partridge Publishing, a Penguin Group company and an imprint of Author Solutions LCC, offers package pricing starting from $399. We do not recommend using the higher-cost packages; you'll get more value for money using a local custom publishing service, instead. There are also local PR/publicity agents who can assist you at a fraction of the cost. When engaging package publishing, read the fine print carefully. Also ensure that your manuscript has been properly edited first. Their 'copy-editing' service tends to be the equivalent of basic proofreading. 

Since you're now paying for a publishing service, be sure to book a publishing consultation to find out exactly what you're getting and whether your money will be well spent.

Find out more about Publishing Consultations.

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Mid to full-budget custom publishing solution


QF logo stationery webQuickfox Publishing is a full service book production and publishing facility aimed at companies and entrepreneurial authors looking for a professional production solution and full control/ownership of their products. Quickfox has extensive experience in all aspects of book production, from coffee table books through to self-help, business, educational and academic books. Prices are provided on a job-by-job basis depending on client needs, the type of project and the length of the print run. Standalone editing, design, typesetting, production and ebook services are available, as well as one-on-one consulting. Large print runs and specialised product development can be accommodated. This solution is suited to both private and bookstore distribution. Expect to pay between R25 000 and R45 000 for professional editing and book production, excluding printing costs.

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Publishing consultations


consultation thumbPublishing is a business and, like any business, requires that authors do their homework. Unfortunately, too many authors lose thousands of rands and end up limiting their distribution options because of bad decisions, mostly the result of adequate or misleading information. A publishing consultation will give you the inside scoop on the world of publishing and how book production, marketing and distribution really work. You will get to explore the various publishing options available so that you can choose the one best suited to your vision and budget. If you are entering the world of publishing for the first time, this consultation is considered essential. Find out more or book a meeting.


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