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FOCUS ON ... Sue Nyathi

Sue Nyathi, author of the debut novel, The Polygamist, is someone to keep an eye on in the future., Africa's leading independent-publishing bookstore, is proud to make this title available. Read more about Sue Nyathi right here. Better still, purchase her book and gain an insider's view into the world of modern polygamy as you delve into the lives of Jonasi Gomora and the four women who love him. 


sue nyathiBecoming Sue happened because my 3rd grade teacher failed to pronounce my full name, Sukoluhle. This is a Ndebele name, which means “Beautiful Day”. I guess it  must have been for my parents when I made my debut into this world 34 years ago. My love affair with books began at a young age. I loved to read and books transported me beyond the borders of Bulawayo which is where I grew up with my three other siblings.  ThePolygamist-Thumb

As I grew older, my passion for reading eventually translated itself into a desire to write. In high school I gained popularity through my books which were circulated like a rental DVD. All my classmates figured I would become a bestselling author but as life had it I ended up studying finance and investment in University. Nonetheless this did not diminish my first love for writing. Even though I worked in the financial markets I would nurture my writing after hours. The economic demise of Zimbabwe forced me to seek opportunities in the diaspora. Incidentally it is in Johannesburg where the doors to the world of publishing were opened to me.

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FOCUS ON ... Bea Potgieter


A captivating children’s story, and a journey of hope.

Born under the African Skies, Psychologist and Author Bea Potgieter was raised in the Bushveld and notes Africa as being integral to her very being. It is with this inspiration and connectedness that “Blue Star and Lionheart” was conceptualised and born. The first of a series of books, Blue Star and Lionheart aims to talk to children on a deeper level of consciousness through a beautifully illustrated meaningful story. The book sees release in October 2012, coinciding with Animal Awareness Month.

With a large part of her childhood being spent on a nature conservancy, Bea was strongly influenced. Whilst choosing psychology as her career, wildlife conservation and writing continued to be lifetime pursuits. Connecting Ecopsychology and the aforementioned passions the children’s story was the natural outcome.

Reflecting on my childhood today, I now know that as a little girl, nature and animals protected and preserved my essence, and kept the ember inside of me burning.”  Notes Bea.  “Although I was not consciously aware of the incredible wisdom that lies within the connection between me and the natural world, I somehow knew it on a deep level as I never felt alone under a tree or with an animal. It is this knowing that I wish to stir within every child and adult who reads this book”.

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FOCUS ON ... Bloodlines & Baggage


Why we can't drop our family baggage on our own. And how we can. 


  • Financial struggles in our generation can be linked to dishonest transactions committed by our forefathers.
  • That trauma from even 3 generations ago can be influencing you today.
  • Wars and family tragedies carry consequences far beyond what was previously known.
  • Unhappy relationship patterns can be passed down through the generations.
  • Unfulfilled dreams can be inherited.
  • Secrets, even unknown, can impact an entire family.

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FOCUS ON ... Kevin Brunette

Learning with the Pros has never been easier!kevin brunette 100

Kevin Brunette is an engineer by profession, and worked for several years as a specialist technical communicator, developing user guides for computer applications. This included the creation of electronic help files, web content and associated training material. He is now working as an author and publisher.

He is a keen surfski paddler, and started with a few topics on world surfski champion Dawid Mocke’s surfski school website. This expanded to incorporate more topics and soon ended up in a book titled SURFSKI with the Pros..., which is the first of its kind and which has been well received in both the local and overseas markets. Whilst Kevin was busy on the surfski book, he teamed up with Rodney Durbach, top local squash player and professional coach and completed a book tilted SQUASH with the Pros...

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