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Rating: 5/5

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Author : Kimon Alexander
(Print Edition)

Two beings – one body

And a critical mission to save the world


The Valdors, ethereal beings from a parallel dimension, have guarded the development of consciousness since the beginning of time. Humanity’s greed and fanaticism have derailed progression towards spiritual evolution, and the Valdor Council has earmarked Sol III (Earth) for annihilation. In one final effort, Balthazar is sent to Earth to redeem Humanity.

When Bal connects with the mind of James Baxter, a seasoned police investigator, he must convince him to assist with his mission. Bal and Baxter have to share the same body, using human effort and Valdor mental power, to combat a drug lord who has hijacked a mind-controlling microchip, and an Islamic extremist who plans to rule the world.

As they embark on an adventure of intrigue and ruthlessness, Bal and Baxter’s journey exposes both the weaknesses and triumphs of the human spirit in the fight for Humanity’s redemption.


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