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A compelling tale that weaves themes of superstition, religion, tradi­tion, war, racism, broken relationships and betrayal at the height of the apartheid era in South Africa.

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Author: Dr Steve Harris

South Africa is trapped in a titanic clash between black anger and white fear. A self-righteous government hangs on to power in the name of God and on the pretext of containing communist expansion. Fervent freedom fight­ers try to destabilise the government and wrestle power from the white minority.

1950–1976, the golden era of apartheid, provides the context in which an Eastern Cape boy grapples with meaning in an environment of superstition, religion, tradition, war, racism, broken relationships and betrayal. November 15, 1976, five months after the ANC-initiated Soweto uprising, and a week after the government-sponsored massacre in Maseru, a private investigator is the target of a bomb at his premises …

This compelling tale echoes our contemporary world, where morality and justice continue to be corrupted by cultural zealots and religious extremists; love is still blind and betrayal remains omnipresent.

The book is a work of fiction. It is inspired by events that occurred during the specified period and by some of the author’s experiences during that era.


About the author:

Dr Steve Harris (PhD) is a successful business man, conference speaker, academic and author. He is the CEO of eta College, specialising in sport and exercise science qualifications, and was a former mind coach and team manager for South Africa’s national Springbok rugby team.

Steve is a former world champion in surf lifesaving, and the winner of Anglo American’s national “Build a Business” contest for entrepreneurs. He is the author of Mental Toughness: Mastering your Mind. Impimpi is his second book.



What others say: 

Impimpi is a real page turner. Once I started reading I could not put it down until finished! I really enjoyed it and as a bonus learnt so much about South Africa’s past from more perspectives. -Chester Williams


wow and wow, Brilliant, when is the movie going to be made.. An all-round nail-biting plot of love, intrigue AND covering life’s big questions. Great stuff. - Tanya Snyman


It's a new record for me for a reading a book written in English. I couldn't leave the book....

I LOVE the book. It has historic facts that enrich my knowledge; but more importantly I love the story, It made easy reading, even for a non-South African, It helps to create an understanding of what was happening in South Africa back then.

The ending is great. Will there be a continuation? - Osnat Raviv, CEO Open Mind


Firstly, thanks so much for writing this, for having the discipline to forge ahead with discipline and pull together strands from history, research, and the complex and messy web of personal experience to create a book of incredible insight, honesty and meaning. You have done so very well in telling this story. It is important that it tells the story of a white boy's experience, and that the descriptions convey the limited perspective of the world as experienced by him... (I think it would be very useful to use this book as a prescribed book for schools in conjunction with a black perspective of this same time period and events and juxtapose the two perspectives...)I would be especially interested to hear what black men of your age who were on the other side of the fence would think of it... I think the success of the book is that it tells the tale from the cloistered and insular perspective that existed for white people, and especially a young white man, then, and which no longer exists for anyone. I think it important that the other inhabitants of South Africa can get a glimpse of a world that mostly excluded them, or only included them on white people's terms. I have the greatest appreciation for what you have accomplished in writing and completing this powerful story.Blessings and gratitude, Marthe Muller, Chief Operations Officer South African Women in Dialogue


I remember only time I ever saw you get cross - some 40 years ago, when I said 'they' are fortunate to live country rondavels. Your reply "bull-- would you like to live in one?" maybe the seed for you book was already in you. - Johan Hugo



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